How to paint a wall mural.


While playing rock-n-roll in Seattle for 7 years, I lived downtown in an enormous 3 story house located in a hip, young neighborhood known as Capitol Hill. The house had a large bay window that looked out onto the street and in the living room was a huge painted mural drawn by a famous cartoonist who had previously lived there. When people walked by they would stop and look at the mural and more than a few times actually knock on the door asking to get a closer look. I took a lot of pride in that mural even though I didn’t paint it because it gave the house character. I really miss it and even though I don’t have the space I did in Seattle I would love to learn how to paint a mural so I can liven up my current urban setting. Unfortunately, I have very little art skills and could never replicate the masterpiece that was my Seattle mural but as I was stumbling blogs last night I came across a post that really piqued my interest.The blog is called Sakura Snow and their post is titled “Mural how to”. They describe the techniques they used to paint their own mural for a Design Sponge competition. The mural is very detailed and beautiful and I wonder if someone who is unartistic  (like me) could really take on such a project. The instructions seem easy enough and even if you don’t think you can do it yourself, you should still check out their site so you can see even more cool photos of the mural itself. And if anyone does learn how to paint a wall mural in their home, please send us a photo, perhaps it will provide inspiration!

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  2. This is a great blog, simple – efficent and one of my favorite topics = MURALS!!!

    Keep on keeping on and publishing this great content and a happy holidays to you and yours!


    Luv – Jordanavich…

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