Walking down Atlantic Avenue in lovely Boreum Hill, Brooklyn last week with a visiting friend from Denmark and passed this unique piece of art by Brooklyn artist Ben Boland. We were so intrigued by his recycled design, we stopped to chat with him.  Made of plastic cutlery, garbage bags and a variety of wrappers Boland’s design makes us think about the massive amount of waste we generate in our every day lives.

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A mixed media artist, Boland designs range from sculptural painting to collage and ceramics. He was in the process of moving his art from one gallery to another when we met so we didn’t have time for photos but Benjamin was nice enough to send these photos along of his work.


Ceramic vases wood fired and kiln fired.

Thanks Benjamin for taking the time to chat. If you’d like to check out more of Benjamin Boland’s work check out his website.

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2 thoughts on “I LOVE NY

  1. Just curious, what are the dimentions of the “I Heart NY” piece?

  2. this is a bit late since this posting, but to whomever concerned the dims of the I Love NY pieces are 36 x 36″. thanks, ben

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