I Need a Pair of Philips Fidelio Wireless Hi-Fi Speakers for Christmas or I am Breaking Up with Santa

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Philips Fidelio Wireless Hi-Fi

Everything I do is online. My work, my social life (most of the time) and my entertainment. Streaming various media, to me, is one of the most brilliant concepts ever developed.  I sold all my LPs years ago, I don’t even remember the last time I purchased a CD and no, I don’t own a DVD player. Like a lot of people, I stream my music and videos. I have a Roku, which I love, numerous iPhone apps, so I can listen to my podcasts, and music apps (I prefer Pandora) to get my groove on. my iPad which I use to watch Netflix, Hulu and Amazon movies. Right now I really don’t have decent speakers to stream my music from my iPhone. I bought a couple of cheap, no-name brand speakers that I thought would hold me over–big mistake. And after rocking them for a little less than a year, I’m ready to buy a pair of big girl speakers. Enter the Philips Fidelio Wireless Hi-Fi Speakers.

Now, these speakers are pricey, there’s no doubt about that, but with that price tag comes a whole lot of bang for your buck.

Just a few of the highlights:

-Handcrafted wood speaker enclosures–very nice.

-100 watts RMS total output of power–puts the boom-boom in your room-room.

-Standalone docking charger–so you can charge your iPhone while you’re jammin’.

-Remote control–obviously.

And not only can you play your music through your wireless device, but it also streams music from your computer. I’ve already put these speakers on my Christmas wishlist. I swear Santa if I don’t find these under my tree this year, you and me? We are totally through.

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One thought on “I Need a Pair of Philips Fidelio Wireless Hi-Fi Speakers for Christmas or I am Breaking Up with Santa

  1. These are pretty cool looking!

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