Illuminated Pillow Brings Good Things to Light

Pillow that lights up

When I first saw this pillow on Yanko Design I thought, why would someone want this? However, after a bite of lunch (I think better on a full stomach) and a poll around the office, the brilliance of this invention fully came to light (pun intended). I call it a pillow but it’s actually a pillowcase with integrated LED lights.  I love that the light comes from behind you, if you’re reading while lying on your back, as opposed to in front of you, which can be distracting. What makes this truly neato is you can program it with your smartphone to wake you up with a gentle electronic sunrise.  Dang, what CAN’T you control with your smartphone these days? I would use this for reading.One question I didn’t find an answer to, how do you launder it?

lighted pillow case


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One thought on “Illuminated Pillow Brings Good Things to Light

  1. I need one of these – just the thing to have when working late into the night at the office… I could use it to take a quick nap or read reports! 😉

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