Inflatable Chairs, Sofas and Loungers Perfect for Summer Music Festivals

blow up furniture chairs sofa for outdoorsMusic festivals are the best. Listening to your favorite band rock out in a muddy field, living in the moment with little concern for the upcoming work week and more often than not, experiencing some sort of discomfort, whether it be the heat, sore feet or utter exhaustion. Don’t get me wrong, I freakin love seeing my favorite band under the stars, but why do we sacrifice comfort at music festivals?!

Must-Have Item for Music Festivals? Inflatable Furniture!

We wear heels to high, forget to wear sunscreen and more often than not, completely space out our seating and bedding necessities for more practical things, like: banners, body glitter and enough clothing to dress a small village. This year, forget those things! You want to know what will literally make you King/Queen of Coachella next year? Think ahead and bring inflatable furniture! Blow up sofas, loungers and chairs are  perfect for music festivals. Think of all the fun you and your pals will have lounging around Roskilde like a boss on your blow up sofa. Inflatable furniture has come a long way since blow up mattress. For one it is usually a fraction of the cost of real furniture, very portable and most are fairly durable and if they’re not, well hey, they’re disposable. Experience your next Burning Man in comfort, check out these ‘pimped out pump ups’ and make inflatable furniture part of your outdoor music festival packing list!

Blow Up Chair or Festival Throne?

Inflatable Empire Chair from Intex

Every music festival King/Queen needs a throne! I love the Empire Chair because it has a double thick bottom base, a cool design and is big enough for two people, if you like getting cozy. Comes in a variety of colors, obviously I would choose pink, but if you’re a dude (or a chick with an aversion to girly colors you could get it in blue, green or orange.

Take the Inflatable Empire Chair from Intex to this festival: FYF Fest in Los Angeles, California


Inflatable Throne Chair for Music festivals

 Ultra Daybed Inflatable Lounge

While not technically a sofa, this blow up daybed is to luxurious not to feature. Besides, a blow up lounge sofa means more room for you and your friends to “hang out”. The great thing about this inflatable daybed is its soft flocking which helps keep you from sticking to the vinyl. Let’s face it, peeling one’s self from a piece of furniture is never attractive.

If you’re dead set on a proper outdoor blow up sofa, check out this Chesterfield.

Take the  Ultra Daybed Inflatable Lounger to this festival: Uh, Coachella, of course! Indio, California

Intex Ultra Daybed Inflatable Lounge blow up bed

TOLOCO Inflatable Lounger 

If you’re looking for an outdoor blow up sofa that’s amazing for festival make out sessions, then look no further than the TOLOCO Inflatable Lounger. This air bed can hold up to 3 people or 440 lbs and only weighs 1.34kg (2.9 lbs) so it’s easy to carry.

Take the TOLOCO Inflatable Lounger to this festival: Fun, Fun, Fun Fest in Austin, Texas


Blow up bed for music festivals

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3 thoughts on “Inflatable Chairs, Sofas and Loungers Perfect for Summer Music Festivals

  1. These are so cool! All of these would be perfect to take to any outdoor event. They looks so comfy! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I want my patio or garden also to look cool. I want the design on park benches to be on my furniture in lawn. Really cool.

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