Inflatable Furniture Could Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

I am moving to a new apartment on Saturday and as excited as I am to relocate to new digs, I find myself absolutely loathing the packing process. So many heavy, poorly packed boxes now line my hallway, it’s hard to imagine how all of them will find their way to my new place! If everything I owned could be packed flat I imagine I would probably move myself and save  a bundle on moving expenses. This is exactly the problem designer  Jy Yeon Suh was trying to solve when he designed his inflatable furniture and housewares. Made from sturdy fabric the line called Bojaki , uses a series of buckles to bind the  pieces suitable for sitting. The line is not just fun but is also a practical solution to the high costs of shipping.

OK, I’m sure it’s not just me, doesn’t the little rocking stool look like he’s smiling?  All kidding aside, if we all used  inflatable furniture we could reduce our carbon footprint. Using less gas, less trucks on the road would certainly help the environment.  And imagine the massive benefit nomadic people would gain from simply deflating their household into flat, easy to move pieces!

It’s not just furniture that’s inflatable but housewares also become compact.  Wonder if they are dishwasher safe?

Unique lighting options as well. Certainly fluorescents would have to used though. The heat of an incandescent bulb would melt the plastic!

Demonstrating the process, as easy as blowing up a swim raft, but much sturdy. This furniture is built to last!





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