Keep a ‘Remote’ Eye on Your Stuff with the Dropcam, a Wi-Fi Video Monitoring System


If you’re like me, you probably have very unique and well-designed items, be they furniture or electronics, that you want to keep safe. Or maybe you have a pet that you’d like to keep an eye on while you’re at work. Either way having a security camera is never a bad idea. But let’s be honest,  most of the time they’re super complicated, and require a lot of set up. Well we discovered a wi-fi video monitoring system at CES this year that is, without a doubt, the coolest video security monitor ever!

Dropcam literally takes a two minutes to set up. When you take it out of the box you will notice there’s only a few items to deal with. There’s the camera, the stand, a long six foot wire, and the charger.

You start by plugging the camera into your computer with the USB cable. It will pop up on your computer open it up and it will ask you to connect to your home wireless network. Once you’ve done that you’re basically finished. You unplug it from your computer, plug into the charger and find an outlet, then set it up wherever you’d like. It even includes our wall mounting bracket if you choose to mount it on the wall. Finally you download the free app from the iPhone or Android app store, login and there you go.

The thing that I like most about this is that it will ping you with an alert when it detects motion. Most of the time when you look at a security camera there’s not much going on. So having an alert pop-up on your phone when it detects motion, is very helpful and convenient! I personally wish I had a pet just so I can watch this thing all day!

The price point is standard, at only $150 per camera and you can connect as many as you’d like through the app. If you’re viewing it on an iPad you can see one, four , six, etc., simultaneously!

This baby even has automatic night vision so when the lights go out, you can still see in the dark. Other features include the option to turn on and off the alert light so as creepy as it sounds, nobody would know that the camera is on!

You can also hear sound, and even talk through the camera! For example if someone walks into the room you can speak to them from wherever you are using the app. “Hey I see you’re looking for the scissors, they are in the top drawer on the left”. Who doesn’t want to have the power to sneak up on people like that?

The folks at Dropcam were nice enough to give us one to review, but if you want an inexpensive, easy to use video monitor so you can watch over your stuff (and pets) from anywhere, anytime– check out their website.


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