Measuring Spoon Diamond Rings

Measuring Spoon Diamond Rings funny cooking utensils

I hate to cook. I know, I know it’s not trendy to hate cooking these days. You can hardly turn a channel on TV without landing on some  reality cooking show torturing contestants for fun and profit. It’s not my bag, but I get it. And I don’t read food blogs, well that’s not true, I read my sister in law’s blog Box of Lunch, but that’s because I have a vested interest in its success. Other than that, you will not find one food oriented blog in my Google Reader. I happily leave the cooking to all the budding Iron Chefs and Martha Stewart wanna-bes out there. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a food hater. I understand why people find cooking interesting, being a creative gal myself, I get the whole ‘look what I made’ process. But I have never found cooking to be relaxing or fun or any of the other adjectives people use to describe slaving over a hot stove for hours. However, one must eat. And even though I have helped put some delivery guy’s kids through college, I do occasionally break out the pots and pans. I am not a adventurous cooker, put I can make a little something to nosh between deliveries.But if I am gonna do it, I wanna fun doing it! That is why I am buying these Diamond Ring Measuring Spoons. Totally kitschy? You betcha. Waggish and immature? Of course, but that’s why I love them! If cooking is supposed to be fun then you need to have comical props. And it’s probably about as close as I am ever going to get to owning a real diamond ring. 😛

via Holy Cool

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