Modern Dog Crates That Look More Like Sophisticated Furniture Than A Puppy Prison

These cosmopolitan dog crates by DenHaus really make us want to adopt a dog. For years, crates were the equivalent of puppy prison, but no more! What dashing dog wouldn’t want to spend some time in  these ultra fine digs?

Easily mistaken for hip, fun modern furniture these stylish crates come with cool names like: BowHaus, ZenHaus and the TownHaus.  While do may not have a dog, we do have one rather sassy kitty who may just like a little place to call his own.

via Fresh Home

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40 thoughts on “Modern Dog Crates That Look More Like Sophisticated Furniture Than A Puppy Prison

  1. Deb at -

    I want one, great idea.

  2. i love these! my poppy petunia might even give up the snuggliness of my warm bed for these ultra cool doggy digs. nice!

  3. Does it come with the dog? Because that would rule.

  4. Kris at -

    these things are ridiculously small, if you love your animal you won’t get one.

  5. That dalmation is way to large for that cage/nightstand. Has owning a pet and a cage become a fashion statement these days? No animal should ever be caged in my humble opinion. Why have them in the first place

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  6. k at -

    All Dogs should have their own DEN….this is super cool and dogs adore their own place to rest. People who understand dogs but, love to keep style in mind will make their pets very happy. I will recommend these for fashion minded friends

  7. Hazel at -

    In response to all those who think these are small and cruel to the dog… shut up. If the dog wants to go there they will. If not, they won’t. They aren’t designed to shut the dog in. They’re designed to give a dog somewhere to settle down in their own space that is stylish in the home. It’s a lovely idea.

  8. TheCatLady at -

    I want one, or several for when I have visiting dogs or when my cats steal my dogs crate.

  9. Charlotte at -

    My dog sleeps with me at night but when I wake up she is always back in her crate. And she’s in it whenever I leave her at home alone, But I think she and I would love a beautiful one like these. Must have!!!!!!!!

  10. Unfortunately this would never work for my dog. At over 100 pounds, a Golden Retriever, it’d be WAY to small. I’d like to find something like this to cover the pesky cat litter box though. I hate seeing that, they are so ugly.

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  12. liz at -

    these are much too small! A dog would hate it and any humane owner wouldnt use one!!

  13. trace13 at - Author

    Although they are referred to as “crates” for dogs, I would never lock my pet up in one. Rather I think they are a nice substitute as an indoor “doghouse”. Dogs love having their own den to escape to and I like the fact that they can be part of the family atmosphere while still keeping a stylish home. Not everyone is down with having big crates or dog beds lying around their homes. And I agree, these are too small for large dogs but the company does sell larger versions that I did not feature here. But again I am not advocating anyone lock up their pooch. Thanks for the comments. I appreciate everyone’s point of view.

  14. pcleary at -

    actually, the professional recommendations state that a dog kennel should be big enough for the the dog to stand up in, and turn around easily. if that is the case, as it looks like with the dalmation, the crate is big enough. as a dog trainer, my opinion is that NOT kennel training your dog is the cruelty, and that people should stop thinking that their dogs are furry people. they’re not, and it is insulting to the dog to think that way. if you truly love your dog, you should love him for what he really is.

  15. trace13 at - Author

    Thanks for the info PC. I guess we do tend to treat our pets like people. A professional opinion is always welcome.

  16. Isa at -

    Hazel, these are crates. They have doors. They are designed for crating–even the website states this fact (“The curved door slides closed to contain a pet if necessary”). Before you decide to be rude to other posters, at least get your facts straight.

    I do not have a problem with crating pets… it can be necessary sometimes. These are very attractive items, but in the pictures on the product website, the dogs inside are indeed much too large for the crates. If anyone plans to buy one, make sure that it’s big enough your pet will actually be comfortable inside it.

  17. Jeff at -

    I’m all for the mint green one! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! 🙂

    I just wish it was a bid larger like capsule shaped….. for a little stretch room!

    Would hate to close a doggie in such a small little prison! 🙂

  18. Len at -

    Anyone who puts their dog into a cage like this should spend some time in there too. Do you like it?

  19. Ursula at -

    You people who are saying it’s cruel to crate your dog are, simply put, quite ignorant. Dogs find safety in having their own “den” to retreat to, to rest in, to shelter in, it’s instinctive and natural for them.

  20. Samantha at -

    Ursula, I think people are taking issue with the thoguht of dogs being, say, locked in there all day while their owners are at work, etc.

  21. My dogs are crated during the day when we are at work. It is not cruel; it is natural. And if we didn’t crate them we would come home to destroyed belongings and possibly sick or injured dogs from eating things they shouldn’t. Their crates are set up for their comfort (a blanket and padding for the Chihuahua princess, and a nice cool surface for the always hot Springer). They get toys, treats, and safe things to chew on. And when we do come home they get lots of love, attention, and exercise to offset all the napping they’ve done all day.

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  22. Mary Humphries at -

    The love of my life, a 14 year old beagle/lab mix would have benefited greatly from crate training had I been an educated, intelligent enough partner to do it. I appreciate the comments from responsible pet owners and suggest the ignorant do some more reading before posting. When I am able to get a new friend, I would love something so not crate looking for the house. Thanks for posting.

  23. These crates are interestingly designed for little dogs but my German Shepherd would question them!

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  25. Laura at -

    I manage apartment buildings and I wish my tenants would use something functional like that, as a place for the dog to wait, while my maintenance staff perform repairs in the suite. Way to may times dogs are allowed to roam free while we try to work and are at a risk for getting harmed by tools etc…

  26. trace13 at - Author

    Thanks everyone I really appreciate all the view points being brought up here. I think generally speaking most people can agree if the crate is the appropriate size for the dog and the duration is not too long, crating can be a sensible option for keeping your pet safe and secure. Having said that I do understand some people think of their pets as close members of their family and see crating as cruel. However I believe when done responsibly and humanely, crating is a perfectly acceptable option for pet owners. Thanks for all the great comments and thanks for reading Modern Urban Living.

  27. This is the best observation i have ever seen for this subject

  28. Dog Rescuer at -

    These are absolutely awesome – would like to see different sizes. I’ve been part of a dog rescue for 7 years now and believe me when say that our chore would be much smaller if more people crated their dogs from the beginning – plus they may still be able to live with their pets. I work with all breeds, but predominately weimaraners and they prefer the smaller crates discussed above! Just enough room to stretch out, turn around in and stand up. I put up a 6X12 kennel in the garage so they could have more room and they flipped out – and were very destructive. After talking with our director I put them in a crate and they stretched out and sighed with relief. Remember that dogs are not designed the way we are and like close quarters – called dens in nature. They are dogs, not kids – by the way, my kids were NOT allowed in their crates as the dogs knew they were always “safe”. I think these are great combo’s! My dogs return to their kennels to lay down and get away from the human condition. Being kind means being educated, aware of their needs and responsible for filling them – these stylish crates would go a long way does not always mean being. Let’s wake up and do the right thing.

  29. I enjoyed your point of view… finally someone said the right thing! 🙂 Would you mind terribly if I place a link back from my site at

  30. I love your blog post! It really hit it on the head! Would you mind terribly if I place a link back from my site at

  31. A Pet is like a rainbow between a mans good side and his heart I guess!

  32. Anita at -

    I love these doggie beds! Great in a small space!

  33. I do not judge people who crate their dogs. My dogs were rescue dogs and I wasn’t smart enough to train five year old dogs to crates. They had also spent their lives in cages and I wanted more for them. The one thing I would worry about leaving a dog in one of these crates is, what if the dog moves around too much and the electric lamp tips off it and some how causes a fire; or the vase of flowers falls and the dog has to spend the day in a wet crate; or the drink falls and their is alcohol in it and the dog laps it up. I don’t think that a dog crate should be a functional piece of furniture. sjb

  34. trace13 at - Author

    Good point Sally! I am not in favor of crating animals, unless you’re traveling. Thanks for the comment.

  35. at -

    Where did you actually pick up the suggestions to compose ““Modern Urban Living ? Blog
    Archive ? Modern Dog Crates That Look More Like Sophisticated Furniture Than A Puppy Prison”?
    Many thanks -Louie

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