It’s All in the Wrist: A Salute to Modern Macrame

My love for modern macrame goes way back. It’s a love that grew not out learning how to weave successfully, but out of a failed art project in second grade. Read how I grew to admire modern macrame and enjoy some of my favorite macrame wall hangings available on Etsy.

By Etsy seller MiniSwells

My Modern Macrame Origin Story

I as in second-grade art class, the assignment? Weave a simple modern macrame wall hanging for Mother’s Day. I struggled with the design, lagging behind as our teacher walked us through each knot and twist, not remembering if she said to turn under with my left hand or my right. For the classmate sitting next to me, this particular project was a breeze. She nimbly wove her hemp with little effort. I saw how easy it was for her, and she was kind enough to help me, but despite her efforts when the class ended, my little macrame wall hanging resembled something I can only describe as a poorly constructed fishing net.

Homemade Macrame Makes a Great Gift

But it gets worse. This wall hanging was a Mother’s Day gift. I couldn’t give this to my mom this twisted mess! I don’t remember the details, but somehow I had talked my classmate into giving me hers. Either she didn’t care about the way it looked, or she took pity on me and thought she could fix my mistakes and make it her own. For whatever the reason, I’ll be forever grateful to her for exchanging her macrame with mine. My mom was naturally delighted with it and immediately found a permanent home for it on her wall.

By Etsy seller Teddy and Wool

Coming Clean When Your Craft Project is a Disaster

This little macrame wall hanging hung on our walls for years before I had the cojones to tell my mom it was someone else’s work and not my own. I told her the story about how it all went down. I don’t remember her being mad or upset, and after I told her about it, she never mentioned it again (except when I was much older, and we could joke about it). But the little macrame wall hanging did gradually disappear from our wall. And I never tried doing macrame again.

From Etsy seller Annienkemacrame hanging

Macrame: A Love Story

I know what you’re thinking, I must hate macrame after this experience. Traumatized by my lack of weaving skills! But you’d be wrong; it had the opposite effect, I became fascinated by examples of unique macrame (check out my Pinterest board!). It gave me a greater appreciation of the hard work it takes to create these beautifully woven designs.

By Etsy seller Kadabrosbeautiful wall hangings

Never be Afraid to Learn a New Skill

You can take classes in macrame. I’ve seen lovely retreats advertised in the back of crafting magazines. They feature gorgeous women in beautiful artistic surroundings, mostly outdoors, weaving together intricate patterns and knots while sipping organic juice and enjoying a sunset in the background. These look like tranquil bonding experiences, and I would love to join one day, if for nothing else to revel in the comradery, but I also think there’s nothing wrong with not learning how to macrame.

From Etsy seller MacramebyJMwall hangings for home

Better to Have Tried to Macrame then to Never to Have Tried at All

In my life, I’ve taken on many a craft, and I would say I have failed at about 75% of them.  But guess what? I still look for new hobbies. I enjoy learning a new skill even if it means I’m not very good at it.  Because it’s not about the result, it’s about the journey! Trying and failing at macrame just gives me more appreciation for the work.

Which of these modern macrame wall hangings is your favorite? Let me know in the comments. And if you have a similar “craft/art-fail” story I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line or leave me a comment below.

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