Mushrooms Ate My Furniture


Some furniture is built to last a lifetime but not the ‘Mushrooms Ate My Furniture’ chair by designer Shinwei Rhoda Yen. The underside of the chair is impregnated with mushroom spores so you can literally grow your own shrooms. The nutrients from the wood feed the mushrooms but will  eventually end in  the demise of the stool. An interesting concept for those who wish to witness a piece of furniture’s ‘lifecycle’.

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The mushrooms will continue to thrive, thanks to it’s tasty wood host.


via Inhabitat via design boom

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3 thoughts on “Mushrooms Ate My Furniture

  1. ed at -

    Interestingly enough, there’s a company out there that sells the wood that has been destroyed by mushroom spores!!

  2. trace13 at - Author

    That is cool! What do they use it for?

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