Nerd Pride: 10 Home Decor Ideas for Geeks

Nerds around the world may be sitting home alone at night, but their flabby posteriors
are enjoying some of the coolest, most unusual and definitely geekiest furniture that web developer money can buy.

Modern Pillows star trek fans

Star Trek Pillows

While any of these nerdy furniture ideas would be the envy of every 13-year-old gamer, incorporating them into your parent’s basement decor could prove to be be a challenge.

Star wars stickers

“It’s a Crap” Star Wars Admiral Ackbar Toilet Sticker

Pay tribute to Star Wars’ Admiral Ackbar’s too-little-to-late warning with this clever sticker for your john.

Gameboy fridge magents

Freezerboy Refrigerator Magnet and Whiteboard

Gameboy fans can extend their play with this interactive fridge magnetic and whiteboard.

hobbit signs lord of the rings

Lord of the Ring Engraved Door Hanger 

One  door hangar to remind all who enter there is just one ring to rule them all.

nerd lamps for geeks rubiks cube light

Rubik’s Cube Interactive Lamp

Try your skill with this bigger than life Rubik’s Cube lamp.

Dr Who rug 4th Doctor scarf

The 4th Doctor’s Scarf from Dr. Who

The 4th Doctor (a.k.a. Tom Baker) was never without his trusty scarf and now Dr Who fans can enjoy it too.


DIY Lego Clock

This DIY project is easy to make. Tutorials galore litter Google if you want to try to make your own.


floppy disk table

Floppy Disk Table

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One thought on “Nerd Pride: 10 Home Decor Ideas for Geeks

  1. Hello Tracy, I really get impressed by your idea that you have shared in your blog. Your home decoration is awesome and stunning. This is a very helpful blog for me. I will surely share these ideas with my friends also. Thanks for sharing.

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