New Gadgets Debuting at Consumer Electronics Show 2013

It’s that time of year again. Just like birds flying south for the winter, tech geeks and gadget hounds are flocking to the city of sin to check out the latest and greatest the tech world has to offer at the Consumer Electronics Show. CES doesn’t start officially till Tuesday, but I headed to Las Vegas last night to attend the press preview, CES Unveiled, to get a peek at what we’ll see on the showroom floor. Of course everyone’s looking forward to seeing the driverless cars (two will be demo’d this year), but it’s really the gadgets we are all here to see. Couple of things I saw last night that were interesting was the Urban Phone, a new twist on the traditional house phone, which just launched its Kickstarter last night and Goal Zero Solar Power kits. Plenty more to see this week so stay tuned for more awesome gadgets from CES2013!



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