Old Street Light Gets Encore


Remember Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’? In it, Steve Perry whales about the precarious lives of streetlight people. There is something romantic about a lonely streetlight. A little dangerous and mysterious. Become one of the parlous brood with your very own streetlight lamp.


Salvaged street lights become urban lamps.  Available on Modern50.com. The lamp uses energy efficient bulbs. We recommend a low wattage. Everything/everyone looks better in a dim street light.


Thanks to our friends at WooHome.

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3 thoughts on “Old Street Light Gets Encore

  1. tony eade at -

    move on over to UKASTLE and meet some like minded souls

  2. tony eade at -

    united kingdom association of street lamp enthusiasts

  3. Mikey V at -


    I love your style and you are ahead of your time. You WILL be rich as you are rich in talent.

    Love the lamps!!!


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