Pimp My Eames Chair! A Music Lovers Dream Seat

Stopped by Dijital Fix on Bedford in Williamsburg, Brooklyn the other day and stumbled upon this menacing musical sculpture. Part hip-hop, part Memorex Ad ,we loved it so much we decided to find out more about who designed it. An inquiry with the sales guy at the counter provided us with a few clues:  the designer was a friend of the owners and this chair may have been in a big time music video. After some quick research, he was able to come up with a website for the artist.  This is what we discovered.

The designer Mikal Jessie Hameed aka M11X, has a background in film and music video production. The son of a jazz musician, Mikal spent most of his early years acting and performing. A move to NYC transformed him into a set designer, and eventually production designer.

The site doesn’t give much information on the chairs themselves, but this quote by MX11 explains his philosophy behind the project.

By toying with the power of music and endless design possibilities I can brings beats, rhythm, and life into painting, furniture, and mixed media sculpture… M11X

These are just some photos we snapped at Dijital Fix with our iPhone. You’ll be happy to know we finally bought the Nikon D5000 we have been coveting since we attended a Nikon event in October. The quality of photos on this site will improve dramatically!

This is just one of the chairs MX11 has designed. To see some totally tricked out chairs, go to his site.

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6 thoughts on “Pimp My Eames Chair! A Music Lovers Dream Seat

  1. trace13 at - Author

    Agreed! It’s obviously more impressive in person! Thanks for stopping by. :->

  2. Mikal jessie hameed at -

    Hey Tracy this is M11X aka mikal jessie hameed thanks for the plug I would love to tell you about my new designs

  3. Tracy at - Author

    Hey! Thanks so much for reaching out! I would love to hear what’s new. I’ll ping ya!

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