Posh Patchwork Furniture

Former sculptor and painter Lisa Whatmough, creates colorful furniture pieces by fusing antique textiles and period furniture together. Having amassed a substantial amount of textiles over the years, Lisa was looking for a way to showcase her collection of fabrics when the inspiration for her patchwork furniture was born. Her company, Squint in East London, now makes one of a kind pieces using high quality vintage fabrics and old school upholstery techniques to order.

Vibrant odds and ends make this sofa the centerpiece of the room.

The iconic Egg chair gets a motley makeover from the good folks at Squint.

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13 thoughts on “Posh Patchwork Furniture

  1. The specialist in the art of chair making; Beautiful lines, richly ornate and figured woods and unashamed comfort all combine in a practical and sturdily built piece of furniture. Although increasingly used by lesser mortals too during the 17thC, the presence of arms and the extent and elaboration of carving found on many chairs still indicated their high status. Chairs were increasingly made in sets, I comprising both arm and single chairs. Continental (and particularly Dutch) influence Was strong on all furniture. Under William and Mary, chair design was greatly influenced by the Huguenot designer Daniel Marot.

    antique furniture chairss last blog post..Antique Chinese furniture

  2. love these ones..thanks for showing us as i am about to do my own chair in a similar style

    been doing throws like this for years so thought i would take it a step further!

  3. trace13 at - Author

    You’re very welcome MagikQuilter! I love handmade objects and love colorful textiles so this would be the perfect furniture for my crazy pad. Thnaks for stopping by!

  4. Tori at -

    does she sell? im looking all over your site, and i can’t find a thing about it. please email me a reply. i would kill for furniture like that.

  5. trace13 at - Author

    I believe she does. You would have to stop by her website for more details. The link to the site is in the post. Thanks for stopping by!

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  7. Amanda Wakefield at -

    i love your art its like lone of those pictures you can gaze at for hours and after looking at it for
    the longest time you still can’t figure it out.

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