Prison Designers

You know what they say, “necessity is the mother of invention” and if your serving a 10 year stretch in the pokie,  you’d probably find it necessary to develop a few useful tools to assist in your day to day living, not to mention, self preservation. Prisoners with a little (or a lot) of time on their hands and a few rudimentary tools, have managed to create all sorts of macabre weapons and daring escape gadgetry over the years and lucky for us Marc Steinmetz has managed to photograph some of them for our viewing pleasure. A glimpse at life on the inside or a primer for junior high woodshop students? See what these prison designers have managed to create with a little time and ingenuity.

You know what they say, Jesus Saves! This handsome shiv is also handy dandy crucifix.


When you smoke from this hash pipe you also get a yummy snack you can spread on toast.


Back in the 1970’s when prison life sucked harder than it does today (we’re guessing), prisoners were not allowed to have radios. This sly dude, made this radio out of whatever he could scavenge and hid it in this encyclopedia, where it was easily found by a prison guard. Obviously this guy never saw Oz. They always look in the thick books first, bro.


Relax! It’s not a real gun. This mock pistol was found on a fellow serving time in Stammheim prison in the 1980’s. It’s made with blackened cardboard and was hidden in milk carton. Got gun?


The ‘Knuckle Duster’. Even the name sounds menacing. Obviously used to pound the ever lovin shit out of a fellow prisoner.


Chess anyone? Cleverly disguised as harmless chess pieces, this set actually comes together to make a rope ladder.


American prisoners are notorious work out junkies. But prison wasn’t a free pass to the gym back in the 1980’s in Germany. This primitive weight was considered contraband because working out was not permitted in prison. We have to admire this fellow’s dedication to keeping fit.


‘I’m gonna cut you sucka!’ We think this one is pretty self explanatory.

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