Rat Chandelier


We really enjoyed some of the anomalous products displayed at the Non Fiction Design Collectives exhibit at ICFF this year. We love the perverse. And that’s just what Non Fiction Design Collective does. They manipulate ordinary pieces: lamps, chandeliers and porcelain bits; into a disturbing household that you could just imagine Edgar Allen Poe inhabiting. The Rattus Norvegicus Rex chandelier features four large rats with tails entwined to allow them to dangle like plump, furry crystals. Each gingerly grasping a bunch of red glass berries in their mouths, as if presenting a gift to the Brown Rat King himself!

Another photo after the jump…


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9 thoughts on “Rat Chandelier

  1. dj yoon at -

    are those male or female rats… it matters…

  2. trace13 at - Author

    Haha! Well were not sure we didn’t bother to lift the tails ;>

  3. trace13 at - Author

    Haha! Yes, Neil Smith (original drumer for Alice Cooper) should add this to his rat collection!

  4. might be something a mafia member would received as a present. “a rat”. lol.

  5. Definately unique! I have never seen anything like this before.

  6. shae at -

    Yikes…I kind of got queezy(i guess because i HATE rats and mice lol) But it is interesting, i do not think i will buying one anytime soon! lol 🙂

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