Recycled Ink Cartridges Make Colorful Chandeliers


Empty Epson boxes were used to create these unique lamps. Etsy designer ‘boxlightbox’ says on his site;

I’m a print manager for a small photography business in North Carolina, and I couldn’t bear to keep throwing out these awesome ink cartridges anymore. I love lamp!

We think they’re awesome and you have a choice: a colorful chandelier made from multi-cartridges for $250 or a single ink cartridge lamp for $350. we’re not sure why just one cartridge costs more but perhaps it takes more work to make.


We think this is a great way to showcase a striking new design in your home or office! That’s not good enough for you? You’re also responsible for one less ink cartridge in a landfill!

via Dvice

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5 thoughts on “Recycled Ink Cartridges Make Colorful Chandeliers

  1. This is a super idea. It reminds me of a similar design I recently came across where a designer had used old music cassettes as lighting material. A little creativity can go a long way.

  2. Very cool DIY! I’m a big fan of re-purposing and reducing waste. Good Job!

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