Recycled Skateboards Get Second Life as Home Decor


There’s nothing that warms my heart more than seeing a broken object, headed for the dump, come to life again as a beautiful accent in home decor. I met the fellows from Art of the Board at this year’s ICFF and was charmed, not only by their humorous personalities, but also by their dedication to skateboarding. The Art of the Board takes sustainable design to the streets, literally! They use old, used, sometimes broken, skateboards to create mosaic tile pieces for anything from walls and countertops to backsplashes.

They resource the skateboards through a grassroots movement they call i Ride, i Recycle. And through an intricate network of dedicated skaters, skate shops, skate parks and board manufacturers, receive recycled skateboard decks they use to create their awesome works of art. It’s just their way if giving back to the sport that’s given them so so much. Check out their site for more cool designs.

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4 thoughts on “Recycled Skateboards Get Second Life as Home Decor

  1. It came to me when I saw this article. A broken Bender (Futurama) claiming for a second chance for broken bots…

    I also like the idea of broken objects coming to life again 🙂

  2. I love this design idea. It has great style to it and it’s very unique. I don’t know anyone who has this in their home, but now I really want it in mine. This looks like an idea that an architect had, so that’s pretty impressive in my eyes. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tracy at - Author

    You’re very welcome! I’m a big fan of reuse/recycle and love seeing unique designs like these. As a side note, I met these guys at ICFF and they were super cool guys with a passion for skateboarding and good design. I’m sure they’d appreciate the business! Thanks for stopping by MUL!

  4. Wow. This looks great. I was always a fan of just hanging skateboards up as decoration, but this is a whole recycling program for them. Thanks for the post.

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