Red Bull Motorcycle by Barend Hemmes

redbull-bike-concept motorcycle by Barend Hemmes

I have a love/fear relationship with motorcycles. Don’t most people? Riding on the back of a bike is a heart-pounding rush and I love it. Nothing beats swerving in and out of traffic, cruising down city streets gazing at the glowing lights illuminating above from tall buildings. Sometimes I feel like they’re looking down at me, as if to say, “Hey idiot, get off that death machine! Don’t you know how dangerous those things are?” But when I see a totally bitchin bike like the conceptual Red Bull motorcycle by Barend Hemmes, my intelligence concedes once again to  the overwhelming desire to ride!

redbull-bike concept drawings

Logically I know my life hangs in the balance every time I hop on one. And since I don’t actually know how to ride a motorcycle, I am literally handing over my life to someone else. So many things can go wrong every time you climb on the back of motorcycle. It’s not just about driver competence and mechanical performance;  you’re also grasping onto ignorant faith that every other driver out there is as conscientious as you are on the road. But who thinks about that when you’re riding a bull?redbull-bike-motorcycle concept bike back view

Concept bikes are nothing new for Barend, you may remember his Jaguar Motorcycle for Massow Concept Cycles.

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