Rock And Roll Design-Amplified

An MUL fan from Italy wrote us regarding a recent discovery. He stumbled upon Rocket Designs while shopping in his hometown of Milan. We liked it so much, we promised to share it with MUL readers. Check out a few of the music inspired pieces from Rocket Designs. And thanks so much to Giulio for the tasty tip. 😉

The Coat Track from Rocket Designs features a ‘mix’ of wall graphics and hardware to create a 3D effect for  your wall. We want one for our wall! Don’t see any distribution for them in the USA but we’re sure that’s only temporary. The products are so cool and funky, we’re optimistic you’ll see them in the States very soon!

The Wine Jack would make a superb gift for aspiring DJ/wine enthusiast! Designed so the wine bottles becomes part of the audio jack. Totally whack, Jack!

‘Yeeeeeeaaaaaah, booooooyyyyyeeeee’! Remember cassette decks? We do! Giving props to an 80’s icon, the Extended Plane not only provides you with a cozy place to rest your shades, but also gives an extra 15 minutes of fame to the good old cassette tape. RIP cassettes.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t believe the hype!” The nifty Disc Jockey Tray makes us want to start scratchin’. Also provides a a convenient work place for us to pound out our rap lyrics.

Have a future rock star in your family? We do! Our ‘Hannah Montana wanna be’ could gaze for hours into The MirRock. Vain? Not our niece!  She’s just gotta look good for her fans!

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3 thoughts on “Rock And Roll Design-Amplified

  1. Leo at -

    Loving the wine rack.

  2. trace13 at - Author

    Yes! Gotta bring this brand to USA. :->

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