Rug Made with Digital Watches Reminds Us Time Does Indeed Stand Still

digital watch rug

Colorful digital watches have pretty much been relegated to my past. In fact, I don’t think I’ve actually worn one since, oh I don’t know, sixth grade? I’m not prejudice against digital watches, I just don’t like watches in general. I’m a fly by the seat of my pants type of person and wearing a watch breaks rule no. 1 in the Live Vicariously handbook. Having said all of that,  I have absolutely nothing against Heidi Voet‘s clever installation which weaves together over four thousand wristwatches into really cool, almost tribal feeling rug she calls,  Is six afraid of seven/ ’cause seven, eight, nine/ I’m about to lose the pieces I find.


The rug isn’t just a passive textile, periodically the watches’ alarms will sound creating an awkward digital composition. Heidi Voet’s website explains,

…at intervals throughout the day, the watch alarms simultaneously ring in a symphony of digital chimes. Over the course of the exhibition, the watches will inevitably malfunction, losing their synchronicity and eventually sounding like an out of rhythm and out of tune orchestra. Thus, as the title of the work implies, the march of time is subtle yet unceasing and its cumulative effect results ultimately in dissolution and increased chaos.

A rug made of watches might be just what we need to remind us that time does in deed stand still. 🙂


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