Sculptor Creates Life Sized Model Kit, of Himself!

Life sized build it yourself model kit of a man

Sculptor Wayne Chisnall can literally ‘pull himself together’ thanks to his idiosyncratic creation, a life sized ‘some assembly required’ model kit of himself. The piece is called, “And When I Am a Man”. It is on display at the “States of Reverie” show at the Scream gallery in Mayfair, London. Chisnall is a London based artist whose sculptural work involves the reworking and assemblage of found objects/materials.

The work will be featured through February 20, 2011.

Thanks to Super Punch

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2 thoughts on “Sculptor Creates Life Sized Model Kit, of Himself!

  1. trace13 at - Author

    And a little creepy! But hey, kudos to this guy for doing it.

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