Shipping Container Homes

adam kalkin home shipping-container-homes_1Several years ago, I had the pleasure of attending a design trends conference at Ford Motor Company in Detroit, Michigan. One of the speakers was Adam Kalkin, the renowned architect known for turning shipping containers into beautiful homes. What I remember most about Mr. Kalkin was not his presentation, which was very interesting, but it was his gentle brilliance that really spoke to me. He chatted for 30 minutes about the possibilities of using recycled resources in urban planning in a thoughtful, quiet tone that left me feeling enlightened and of course, wanting a container home. Later, as my group boarded the bus back to the hotel, I spotted him once again. He was lying on a patch of grass, underneath a tree, not in a big park, but in the middle of the Ford Motor Company’s employee parking lot.  It seemed symbolic to the work Kalkin does with his container homes. Finding resources, no matter how crazy and utilizing them. Check out some of Adam Kalkin’s designs.

adam kalkin container homes




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