SleepPhones, Pajamas For Your Ears!

SleePhonesI read recently that you’re not supposed to take your iPad to bed with you, ironically, I read it while I was in bed. Apparently, it’s bad for you, disrupts your sleep or something like that, but, what about those of us that need to ease into their slumber? I’m not an idle person. When I’m not sleeping, I’m watching, reading or listening to something! And over the last two years I’ve become an avid podcast listener, so you could say, I’m doing more listening than ever before. I know I should just learn to focus on what I’m doing in the moment, I think they call it mindful living, and enjoy the silence, if you will, but this hyper-awareness concept has been very difficult for me to grasp on to.

So over the New Year, I told myself I would refrain from reading my iPad while in bed, but I would still allow myself to watch an episode of something boring on Netflix. I feel this is a good compromise and it’s been working for me pretty well. I usually fall asleep before the end of a 30 minute episode and my sleep pattern doesn’t seem any worse for wear. The problem lately is, my new European neighbor. He likes to play is electronic music until all hours of the night, loudly. I’ve tried wearing my headphones to bed, to drown out what sounds like a Roman disco next door, but they’re super uncomfortable after about 5 minutes and my ears start to hurt. Most of the time, I just give up and take out one headphone so I can lay my head comfortably on the pillow, which is less than ideal. What to do?

Like most things in my life, when I need something, IT comes to me. And that’s just what happened, and I might mention, in the most unlikely place, Las Vegas. I recently attended the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show with a colleague and as we were walking the floors of the Sand’s convention Center, perusing what seemed like endless booths of wearable tech, I was drawn to one particular booth with bubbly folks dressed in pajamas with what looked like headbands on their heads. The booth belonged to SleepPhones, a lightweight band with headphones built-in. I immediately knew this could be the answer to my problems, but one big question lingered, did they work? As I was about to try on a pair, my colleague came over and told me she had received a pair for the holiday and loved them. ‘I wore them on the 5 hour flight to Vegas from NYC’, she said, ‘And I literally fell asleep wearing them, best flight I’ve had in a long time’. So how do they sound? Well, they definitely worked, but I was also standing in the middle of the 3-ring circus that is CES, so to be honest, it was hard to tell if the sound quality was good or not. The rep at the booth agreed to send me a pair, so I could try them out at home.

Flash forward two weeks later, my SleepPhones have arrived, and I am, quite literally, in dreamland. I love these things. Not only are the super comfortable, they’re made with a soft, lightweight, fleece-like material, but they sound is better than you would expect. OK listen, I’m not going to lie and tell you they are on par with something like Bose, but I’d say they are certainly comparable to a decent pair of headphones. And while they do block out some sound, they’re not noise cancelling, which I kind of like. When I wore them to bed, I couldn’t hear my neighbors music playing, but when I woke up, I definitely heard my alarm clock, which is a huge plus in my book. And if my SleepPhones get dirty, I can simply remove the speakers and toss the headband into the laundry with the rest of my clothes. So, problem solved! I can finally enjoy my nightly routine, my neighbor can play his music and I don’t have to worry about trying to rig an awkward pillow sound system. Thanks SleepPhones!

Want our own pair of SleepPhones? Visit their website!

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