Sophisticated Modern Playhouses Inspired by Danish Design

playhouse danish Denmark

Hard to believe but the little house you see above wasn’t meant for adults, it’s for children. These miniature homes are from Smart Playhouses and were inspired by Danish design. They definitely remind me of my days in Copenhagen. Scandinavians know how to enjoy their leisure time, in fact, I often received lectures from Danes on how Americans needed to work less and enjoy life more. Not only are these little playhouses indicative of Danish design; modern, functional, simple, but they look an awful lot like the summer homes so many Scandinavians own. Unlike Americas obscene McMansions, Scandinavian families normally have a smaller second home they can escape to on weekends or long summer holidays. They homes are usually very modest dwellings with minimal amenities. Anything obnoxiously elaborate, especially for a second home, is considered by Scandinavians, to be in poor taste.  Oh how I miss Denmark!

Smart Play House Denmark danish

These little houses make me want to be a kid again. Or just a very small person! :->I so wanted a playhouse when I was a kid. I remember one family down the street from me had a pretty elaborate tree house, I was so jealous of those kids!

Smart Play House Danish design

I imagine the price tag for theses lovely minis is pretty hefty, since I couldn’t seem to locate the actual cost on their website. But if you can afford one, go for it. You’re child will relish his playhouse memories and talk about what a great parent you were for years to come!


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