Spend the Night in Jail for Just $1

10492040_1505615176321667_3306555917963489943_n In NYC, many of us feel like we’re living in a cage, but in Bushwick, Brooklyn, you can get locked up  for reals! You won’t have to break any laws, although that is another way you may experience confinement if you so choose, but it will cost you $1. Performance artist, Miao Jiaxin,originally from Shanghai, has transformed part of his Brooklyn living space into a virtual jail. It’s not meant to punish the guilty, although you may feel like staying here is some sort of penance, no, you’ll be doing it in the name of art. Jiaxin, originally listed his offering on Airbnb, but they put the kibosh on that right away. To be honest, I’ve seen worse listed on the rental site. 10511300_1506602236222961_5879070003273030936_n Guests, if that’s what we’re calling them, will be required to stay in the cage from 9:00 am to 12:00 am every day. But this is no simple walk in the park, oh no, no, no! The rules are pretty strict: no sleeping, no reading, no internet and the list goes on.  Sorry, Jiaxin, you lost me at no sleeping. 10325689_1506601896222995_7749193350492498473_n

He recently told the Daily News, “It’s not for fun, it’s for an experience.’ And if you think you’ll have at least a little time to yourself, think again. You’ll be monitored via surveillance cameras that will show the world what you are up to via live feed to the internet.  I think I will stick to my own little cell. Sure, it’s small, but at least I know no one is watching me, I hope!   Photos via Miao Jiaxin website

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One thought on “Spend the Night in Jail for Just $1

  1. Why is there a bed if no sleeping is allowed?

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