Spirit Candle

Despite a close call with the Fred Campfire Candle, (it created a towering inferno but still love the effect just got to keep a close eye on it) we still love candles in the winter. A little flickering candle light makes us feel all warm and cozy . We love this candle because it gives you more than just a flickering flame, as you burn the candle a little spirit emerges to let you know the dark dreary winter will soon be over. Get it at Wrapables.

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One thought on “Spirit Candle

  1. Anne at -

    we encountered the presence of a spirit. In my mythical room, my friend and I set up a table with candles and a ouiga board. When the ouiga board wasn’t working we noticed the biggest red candle flickering wildly as we asked if any spirits were present. No windows were open and all doors were closed. It therefor was not the wind. Then we asked again if there were any more spirits and all the other candles started flickering. Tell me your thoughts after this story which is completely true. As we are both young girls we were quite freaked out.

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