Spooky, Creepy and Downright Weird Items For Your Home This Halloween

The Human Rug

Human rug for your home

I would argue that there is nothing creepier than a rug that looks like your neighbor took a face plant from the Empire State Building. Even though it’s so very obvious the rug is not real, it looks like a cousin of the blow-up doll, with it’s creepy slack jawed stare, it’s still a little unsettling. I rather like the windblown look of the hair, as I imagine that’s exactly how mine would look had a just taken a colossal nose dive.

Human BookShelf

I’m sorry I’m just not one of those people who is comfortable with the naked human body, so for me this has to be the creepiest and most disturbing of any of these pieces! Not to mention my obsessive/compulsive love of symmetry is set off balance by its many dips and crevices.  Also, you’d want to pay particular attention when grabbing a book. The title, Moby Dick, could prove to be just that.

Dismembered Baby Doll Coat Rack

Our first creepy item comes in the form of a little DIY project. Looking for a way to recycle all of those broken baby doll parts you have hanging around the house? Screw the appendages into a wooden board and voila! You’ve put those tiny hands (and legs) to work.

 A Bench with Arms Holding a Large Tumor

What can one say about the Surrealism chair by David Pompa? I’m sure we could have a lengthy conversation about the designer’s intent and how it makes us feel, but less just cut to the chase, it’s fucking creepy! I mean I’m not sure what repulses me the most; the arms belonging to uh, no one, jutting from the side of the chair or said arms fondness of, what looks to me like a large tumor. I can only assume this chair belongs to descendants of your favorite appendage and mine , Thing from the Adams Family.

Duck Lamp by Sebastian E

 Big-Ass Nose Soap Dispenser

Coffin Couch

Coffin Couch on Etsy

 Human Furniture Collection by Dzmitry Samal 

Creepy furniture tables with human legs



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3 thoughts on “Spooky, Creepy and Downright Weird Items For Your Home This Halloween

  1. The nose soap dispense make me puke in my mouth a little! I can’t even listen to people blow their nose without gagging. The bookshelf is funny!

  2. Ahmed at -

    Loving that duck lamp xD

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