Succulent Wall Planters

succulent planters air plants I’m all about everything plant related. But lately, I’ve cut back on my indoor plants, and when I say cutting back, I mean literally. I’ve pruned the heck out of all of my house plants because apparently, I have a green thumb and my living room is starting to resemble an old hippy commune. So on my last visit to Home Depot (my second home), I resisted the temptation to buy, yet another depressed looking Pellaea and instead picked up a cute little cactus that I have named Murray. il_570xN.448401408_1awq And thus began my love affair with succulents. Murray is great. He hardly drinks a drop, if I go away for 2 weeks I don’t come back to any green murder scene (I know I’m being dramatic, I blame too many episodes of CSI) and he never seems to get any bigger. And he is no ordinary green cactus, he has a bright red bulbous top that I think really gives him character. I know what you’re thinking, if I have such a spectacular green thumb, why am I trading in my luscious greens for a pokey cacti? Because I like my houseplants tidy. I don’t want to have the creeping all over my living room with their little viney leaves dropping along as they go. I like to keep things neat, and with Murray, I get neat. No leaves, no mess. So why the diatribe on houseplants? What does this have to do with these gorgeous circular, see-through wall planters? Well, I’ll tell you. They are the perfect home for lovely, petite succulents. They show them off beautifully and are super easy to take care of. I found them, where I find all of my most interesting purchases lately, ETSY. Toss out your old, dirty houseplants (ok, don’t do that. Maybe donate them?) and become a succulent lover like me! Want one for yourself? Purchase them here.

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