The Black and Decker Motion Sensing Screwdriver

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Part of living a modern urban life is being handy around the house.

Black and Decker’s new motion sensing screwdriver is the perfect product for the Handyman or handywoman around the house!

This is like something I’ve never seen before. It uses a gyroscope to determine the direction you are twisting, and the speed and torque of the screw you are screwing in is determined by how far left or right you twist your wrist.

The further you twist your wrist in the direction you want to screw in, the screwdriver twists accordingly with faster speed and torque.

The unique design makes it very comfortable to hold, and it’s small enough to fit into tight spaces where a larger drill may not fit.

Another key aspect about this product is that it’s got a lithium ion battery. Which means once you charge it up and put it in the drawer for next time, it will stay charged so when you need it it will be ready!

Something I noticed is that although it comes with two different screw bits (a phillips and a flathead) there is no place on the product to snap in and store the additional bit. Without a place to hold the extra bit, you run the risk of losing it, and also not having it easily accessible if you need to switch from a flathead to a phillips.

I also noticed that when you charge it, there is no indicator light that tells you if it’s charging or when it has become fully charged.

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