The Hair Chairs

tumblr_kup0zggsFr1qzqij2o1_500We get it. Hair as a design resource, groovy. We dated a Heavy Metal dude once with really long hair, kinda skeeved us out. We broke up with him because of it. Shallow we know, but there’s just something creepy about constantly picking your boyfriend’s hair off you. The designer of these coiffed creations  Dejano Kabiljo of Kabiljo Inc., designed the PRETTYPRETTY Collection  to ‘regulate the erotic allure that surrounds us’. If your ‘erotic allure’ is dating a dude with long hair these chairs may be for you. But as for us, we feel the same way about these chairs as we did about that guy. We think they’re cool but we don’t want to date them.

dejana-kabiljo-pretty-pretty-yatzer_10This chair has a Dolly Parton circa 1970’s vibe we dig. Definitely Dolly. There’s a busty blond with a touch of sass coming from this chair. If a chair were a spunky girlfriend this would be the one you’d want in your corner. Just like 9 to 5.



Fun? Totally. Practical? Maybe. In the right beauty salon/bar, hellooo… BEAUTY BAR NYC! This bar table really reminds us of “Hedwig and the Angry Itch”. Seen it? No?! Go out right now and rent this movie. It makes you want to go out and by yourself a big old blond ‘Housewives of Atlanta’ wig.


LOVE the Geisha Pouf!  It’s got us turning Japanese (we really think so). Keeping every single hair in place will be a challenge, must begin geisha training now.

via Yatzer

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8 thoughts on “The Hair Chairs

  1. If you wear pants, it will tickle a little bit, don’t?

  2. Although anything goes here in Los Angeles. I’m not sure furniture that looks like you just gave someone a haircut would really fly. Then again, maybe it will be the inspiration of a reality show. I think I’m going to stay with the antique furniture for home and these for museums.

  3. trace13 at - Author

    Hair today, gone tomorrow! I would totally love to own this chair, I wouldn’t let anyone sit in it. It’s really meant as a showpiece I think. Thanks for the comments!

  4. I want to buy these chairrs!

    Howw can I ??????????????

  5. trace13 at - Author

    Not sure if they are for sale but you could check the designer’s website. Thanks for stopping by!

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