The Hereafter Party


One booth that caught our attention at the Stockholm Furniture Fair came courtesy of Norwegian students from Akershus University College masters of product design program. Part of a study course called “Aesthetics and Understanding” the students were asked to design burial coffins as a final project. The objective was to challenge the perception society has about  life and death. The result? Ten perfectly unique coffins. The project called “Coffins for a New Paradigm” was part of the The Greenhouse exhibit at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. The Greenhouse provides a forum for new and independent designers to showcase their work. The coffin above designed by student Hanne Huseby was moulded in white mortar and peat and is a combination of two burial traditions. Huseby says,

“Family and friends can be part of the moulding process. In this way they can make personal prints or other symbolic signs on the coffin surface, as a way of saying the last goodbye.”

Because the coffin is made of biodegradable material it is also an option for those who prefer a more natural burial.

Thanks to the masters students at AUC. Check out all ten of the coffins after the jump…


Designer Anette Løken


Designer Emilie Antonsen


Designer Eugene Padditey


Designer Julie Nordang


Designer Karoline Bommen


Designer Marcus Martinuzzi


Designer Monica Myhre


Designer Yao Heng


Designer Ingvild Mørk

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