The Home Traveler

Home Traveller by Anne Lorenz unique stools luggage

The Home Traveler by Anne Lorenz is part handbag, part stool. Presented as part of D3 Design Talents exhibit at IMM Cologne, the Home Traveler is a huge carryall with a stool like base. The bag has ample space to hold whatever you can stuff it with. Not meant for real traveling, the Home Traveler, is more of a conversation piece, however, I can see another use for it. Say you have a surprise visit from your parents. Cram everything on the floor into the Home Traveler, then take it to another room before company arrives. The base makes the bag more stable and the large straps make it easy to transport from room to room. 

Home Traveller by Anne Lorenz luggage with feet

“The portable storage unit can easily be carried from one place to another and be arranged in the living space like an accessory. Instead of normal furniture it has no fixed place in the room – its travelling through the home. It is as spacious like a chest but more flexible in the use.”

Home Traveller by Anne Lorenz large carryall with feet handbag unique

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