The Messenger, The Modern Message In A Bottle!

TheMessengerOk, I admit it, I love Kickstarter. Sure maybe not all the projects on there are worthy of your hard-earned dollars, but being an entrepreneur myself, I admire the passion and drive people have to make their ‘Shark Tank’ dreams come true! And, I am more than happy to support new Kickstarter projects by MUL readers. That’s why I’m excited to share just such a product from two adventurous souls, Miles and Bex. They have created a unique Nomadic Gift called the, The Messenger. Inspired by all of those brave carrier pigeons that would fly messages back and forth across enemy lines during times of war, this modern bird is a tribute to those brave creatures who would risk life and wing get messages to their owners. Although, this attractive ceramic would look lovely sitting on your mantle forever, this is not a gift you’ll keep, rather it’s meant to be given away! It’s the one instance where re-gifting is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

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Track Your Messenger’s Journey!

How does it work? Each Messenger has a unique ID number that allows you to register it online and set up your own private profile. This plots your location on an online map. Then you give the bird to someone else, be sure to include a special message in the slot provided, and each time your bird finds a new temporary home you’ll be alerted. You can even visit the online map to see where your feathered friend has landed. Just imagine the places he/she could go! While I think this is not only a million dollar idea, but an awesome way to connect the world, it needs funding to fly (ha, pun totally intended!). That’s where you come in. If you’d like to help support Miles and Bex’s project, please visit their Kickstarter campaign. I know you work hard for your money, but contributing any amount could help make Nomadic Gift’s  The Messenger take flight! 🙂

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