The Rainman Carafe

Swedish product designer Matilda Sundén Ringnér’s Rainman carafe gives your wineglass a gentle shower of delicious vino. We’re thinking it also aerate the wine . Whether or not aeration helps young wines taste smoother is debatable amongst wine experts, our experience has shown it definitely helps.

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7 thoughts on “The Rainman Carafe

  1. Wow, what a spectacular mess this would make if you were a little too tipsy and missed the glass! Wee!

  2. LOVELY !! Gonna share with my readers as well !! Thanks !! : )

  3. trace13 at - Author

    Thanks Winny! Glad you liked the post. :>

  4. trace13 at - Author

    You are “The Man” Osher! Hey everyone check out- Meet the where you are the paparazzi!

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