About the Team

Tracy Fay

Tracy Fay is the Editor in Chief of Modern Urban Living and  Modern Urban Baby .

Once a Seattle rock musician, Tracy Fay is now a design blogger and social media specialist. When not sipping mojitos poolside, flipping through the latest issues of Elle Decor and In Style, she’s ping-ponging back and forth from NYC to Europe. Modern Urban Living has not only given her the opportunity to share her enormous appreciation of art and design, but has enabled her to attend one or two design shows under the precarious title of “Press”.

Ms. Fay currently lives in Brooklyn, New York with one very demanding cat.

If you are the next Jonathan Adler or Jaime Hayon, or just think you are,  please feel free to reach Ms. Fay at the following address:

Tracy at ModernUrbanLiving.com


Nick McGlynn is a contributing editor and photographer for Modern Urban Living.  Nick started his design career at the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where he studied Industrial Design.  Nick also runs his own event photography site, Random Night Out.

You can contact Nick at:  Nick at ModernUrbanliving.com

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