The Urban Backyard–What I Need to Make My Balcony an Summer Oasis


It’s such a beautiful day in NYC this morning, that I’ve decided to do the urban equivalent of ‘working in the yard’ and work on my balcony. Listen as a New Yorker, I’m extremely lucky to even have an outdoor space to call my own. And sure it’s not exactly private, I can literally hear every single neighbor’s conversation on balconies as far as the 3rd floor, but it’s my space damn it and I’m gonna enjoy it! Last year I made some feeble attempts to make it more homey: I got a BBQ, a very important balcony accessory to have, an over the rail plant holder and a 3 piece outdoor furniture set; complete with 2 chairs and a lovely bistro table–thank you very much Martha Stewart. Later, I would add a ‘fake lawn’ rug and a couple of planting bags– my first attempt at gardening. But this year, I want to jazz it up and make it a unique space I can really enjoy.
So I’m posing a challenge to you, my dear readers, give me some ideas on how I can make my cozy balcony a true urban oasis. In return for your comments and suggestions, I will be giving away a prize package worth over $100! This gift basket of goodies will contain everything you need to get your own balcony garden started this spring.

How to enter:

Leave me a comment below or go to my Facebook Page and leave me a comment there. Tell me what I need for my balcony this summer to make it really cool. Should I get more seating? Do I need more plants? Maybe you have a suggestion on how I can make my balcony more private?  Tell me, and win some awesome prizes–that will make your own balcony off the chain!
Deadline to enter is March 16th, 2013.

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5 thoughts on “The Urban Backyard–What I Need to Make My Balcony an Summer Oasis

  1. Mikkel Sorensen at -

    How about using a piece of sailcloth (or a tarp) on the railing….to get more privacy from onlookers.
    Also getting an olive tree in a large pot would help a lot

  2. Paula Erickson at -

    Get rid of the astro turf green thing. Replace it with a decorative and washable outdoor rug..these come in many designs and sizes. Replace the plain chairs with slightly smaller more decorative ones. Replace that bulky lantern with one that is more appropriate in size as a table centerpiece. remove the planter boxes and lawn gnome, plastic bin and camp chair. I would invest in a length of dark willow reed fencing and run it along the length of the balcony railing. this will add LOTS of privacy and make it look really garden-ey. I would put a nice plant or garden statue in the corner. And if you need the BBQ, invest in some sort of tray like those cool copper boot trays and set your bbq inside of it to keep coals off the outdoor rug and concrete floor of the balcony. You may even want to find a small bbq that folds up when not in use and set it in the tray out of the way. If you have items that stay out on the balcony but are a bit unsightly, you can get a weatherprroof resin storage box and some double as seating which you can toss a nice pillow on in the summer. Oh, and if you didn’t want to replace the chairs, you can perk them up with some bright outdoor chair pads…keep things simple and sized down to balcony proportions so it doesn’t look over-crowded.

  3. It needs at least one Pink Lawn Flamingo!

  4. No, seriously, needs at least one Pink Lawn Flamingo.

  5. ed at -

    BEER!! Huge full sevice beer cooler with built-in stereo.

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