Tiny Campfire Candle


Wandering the streets of NYC yesterday (sunny and fabulous) we walked by a lot of going out of business sales.  Grabbed a groovy little satin crop jacket for $15 outside of American Apparel on the LES. and we picked up a “Fired Up” campfire candle (distributed by Fred) pretty cheap at East Village store TINY. The store has unfortunately become another victim of the economic squeeze. Too bad, we liked Tiny. They sold mostly household items downsized for small apartment living. Some of the stuff wasvery  useful and what wasn’t was entertaining to look at. Bye Tiny~!

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3 thoughts on “Tiny Campfire Candle

  1. mija at -

    I love this! Would you be willing to sell this?

  2. trace13 at - Author

    Of course! But I am sure you can purchase it from the retailer. Click on the link above for more information. Thanks for the comment!

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