Torn Lighting

With rising energy costs, we may all have to switch to efficient LED lighting in the future. Already way ahead of the curve is designer Billy May, his Torn Light concept brings a soft glow to your interiors using integrated LED lights. We love it because it looks as if you have torn back the walls to another dimension!

You can check out the lights on Billy’s page by clicking here. Above is The Crevice Torn Light.

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32 thoughts on “Torn Lighting

  1. Geri at -

    beautifully unique

  2. Adara at -

    you are so right about the alternate dimension thing….!

  3. JimD at -

    way too over-the-top self-consciously cool…

  4. WOW, I love it! I wonder how much it cost’s to set up a room exactly like the one in the photo.

  5. wow, that’s pretty cool. if i put this in my apartment do you think i’d get my damage deposit back?

  6. Wow, that is really impressive, im deffinatly going to do that at my house lol

  7. lol at -

    looks photoshopped 🙁

  8. trace13 at - Author

    Yes they are amazing aren’t they? Be sure to check out Billy’s site for more of his cool designs. Just click on his name in the post. There you will see the actual protype for the lights. (For those of you who think this is photoshopped!:>) Thanks for all the comments and for reading MUL!

  9. dan at -

    great concept. a true halogen killer.

  10. Aaron at -

    Those images are not photoshopped, those images are 3D renderings. That includes the shot with just the lights by themselves.

  11. anahita iran at -

    is sooo cold:(

  12. Jon Beach at -

    I like the 3d look. My roommate has been using LED lights for about 2 years now for interior art lighting and the such. He has done some pretty interesting things.

  13. Ben Powers at -

    Sharp corners no good with babies.

  14. chinen vollenhoven at -

    i love the torn idea, where could i buy them.?

  15. Amazing idea. I just wonder how the ligting applies on different wall surfaces. Cool!

  16. bebo at -

    awesome technology..Its really cool

  17. trace13 at - Author

    It is truly unique way to think about lighting. Thanks for stopping by bebo!

  18. frnja at -

    Please if you can tell me where this could be purchased?

  19. Awesome look for torn “unit” but tungsten wins with warmth every time. LED sucks sh#t through a straw.

  20. Denis at -

    Cela fait deux ans que je suis ces produit et j’ai fait Ă©normĂ©ment de magasin dans la rĂ©gion ou je vis et les rĂ©ponses sont nĂ©gative j’ai mĂȘme essaye de contacter le concepteur par le biais de son site et j’attend toujours.
    Si vous connaissez une adresse je suis preneur.
    Par contre beaucoup de site existe et son dĂ©veloppĂ© pour la diffusion de ces article mais le prix personne ne l’affiche il serai peut ĂȘtre bien de se posĂ© la question.

  21. trace13 at - Author

    Merci pour votre commentaire. L’Ă©clairage au-dessus n’est qu’un concept et il n’est pas availbale Ă  l’achat. Je suis dĂ©solĂ© que vous n’avez pas Ă©tĂ© en mesure d’atteindre le designer, mais je n’ai aucun contrĂŽle sur cela, je ne connais pas cette personne, mais comme vous avez vu ce sur un autre site. Cordialement!

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