Unique iPhone Cases

Just bought a new iPhone a couple weeks ago and have been debating with friends whether or not we should get a case for it. Some say you don’t need it, while others feel it’s a a must to keep your phone from getting beat up. While we are still on the fence what to do, we do to admit to surfng the net to see what’s out there. Here are just some of strange iPhone cases we found.


A iPhone with a side of bacon? You betcha. You know our motto, Everything is better with bacon. Everything.

via Gearfuse


Rock it old skool with a Mock Mixed Tape iPhone Case

via CraziestGadgets.com


Remember the Rotary phone? No? Neither do we.

via Gizmodo


We just can’t get enough of bacon!

via Toxel


Chocolatey goodness or handy carry case? Damn, handy carrying case.

Via Toxel


Not as unusual as some of the cases featured here but still unique…and lovely!

via Gearfuse

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6 thoughts on “Unique iPhone Cases

  1. Those are all pretty sweet, but i must say i got tired of my fabric case after a while, it got caught on stuff and the phone would slide out in my bag.
    But my new one is awesome, i’ll see if i can post a picture of it soon.
    It’s from Japan, of course.

  2. trace13 at - Author

    OOh! Please do post a pic! You always bring the coolest stuff from Japan :>

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  4. LIMEIQING at -

    very beatiful!

  5. Seth at -

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    informative and I had a good time browsing it, thank you very much for the good information!
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