Unique Urban Gardening Ideas to Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space

So I am at the beginning of my first ever urban gardening experience. While my little garden is quite humble, a few green beans, a couple heads of lettuce , a pot of cucumbers and a simple herb garden, it hasn’t stopped me from seeking inspiration. I’ve gathered a few images I have come across while surfing. I hope they inspire you too!

Can I just say I really love this idea? One of my favorite ways to design is to take something ordinary, that we use everyday and turn it into something unique and unexpected. An improvised garden using washing up gloves, can turn a wall, fence or even a window into a something amazing.  [source]

outdoor garden ideas

Found this hanging succulent garden on Home Depot’s blog. I really liked it because you don’t normally think of succulents as hanging plants. It’s pretty simple to make, the site provides step by step instructions, and it’s easy to care for–just water every other week!  [source]

Go DIY with this clever garden utilizing old soda bottles. Again using every day items, and in this case,  items that could eventually end up in land fills, add soil, herbs and hang with nylon string. Also makes a great conversation piece for outdoor dinner parties!   [source]

Similar to the Home Depot project above, this garden repurposes old wooden palettes used for shipping to create a unique tiered balcony garden.  Life on the balcony has step by step instructions on how to create your own palette garden. [source]

Cinder blocks are little hard to come by in the city, but you can usually find building supplies stores that carry them. A quick and easy project–make a super groovy tiered garden in an afternoon! [source]

Okay so you don’t have a lot time to build an urban or balcony garden but still want your space to look unique? Wood panels are easy to find at places like Lowes or Home Depot and add an instant sophistication to your outdoor space. [source]


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7 thoughts on “Unique Urban Gardening Ideas to Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space

  1. Love the urban gardening ideas. We build rooftop gardens in all of our projects and find your ideas very helpful! Thank you.

  2. Tracy at - Author

    Thanks Jack! It’s my first time balcony gardening and I really get a kick out of seeing it grow. I’m fascinated by rooftop gardens. I’d love to feature some on my blog, and give you a shout out, if you’d like to pass along some pics. Just email me! And thanks again for stopping by.

  3. That looks cool and colorful!

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  5. Garret at -

    so wait a minute.. in your blog you post post what you saw on pintrest that morning… try harder !

  6. Tracy at - Author

    Hi Garret, Thanks so much for your comment. This blog post is about finding inspiration for my outdoor garden. I, like many I know, find inspiration on Pinterest for such projects. I’m sorry if you feel that I should have spent more time combing the internet.

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