Urban Gnome.

In Sweden gnomes are known as Tomten and they are notorious for their immense strength, mischievous behavior and retributions towards unappreciative farmers. In general gnomes or tomten are known to be easily offended and reluctant to change, so it’s refreshing to see the Urban Gnome by designer Vitamin for Generate looking so modern and bad ass. His pointy hat and long beard have been replaced with sleek bone china, graphic designs and skull tattoos.  While this gnome may not be good at performing chores, we still think he would fit quite nicely in a small flower bed or herb garden. But fair warning, if you do choose to let your Urban Gnome live in your garden keep a close eye on him. The Gnome Liberation Party, an organization dedicated to liberating gnomes everywhere from oppressive gardening, just might help him make his escape!

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One thought on “Urban Gnome.

  1. I like it – it is very nice!
    I wish you all the best,

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