The Veggie Keeper That is Out of This World!

vegetable keeperAstro Fruit and Veggie Keeper

I am one of those weirdoes that LOVES vegetables. Okay, there are a couple of veggies I’m not crazy about radishes, bell peppers, but for the most part, I’ve never met a vegetable I didn’t like.

But as much as I love eating vegetables, I hate cooking them. I’ve never been a fan of culinary pursuits. A lot of my friends consider themselves “foodies”. They spend hours loving laboring over a hot stove for the friends and family and actually enjoy it. Not me. I love to eat, but the thought of chopping, steaming, sauteeing and baking the perfect meal leaves me reaching for the takeout menu.

Despite my dislike of cooking, I still do it. And adding lots of veggies to my meals is a priority for me. So I lumber along, doing my best to create something not only healthy for me but edible.

One of the problems I have as a single chick living alone is using my fruits and vegetables before they go bad. I store them in containers or storage bags but forget about them until I clean out my fridge.

That’s why I need an Astro Fruit and Veggie Keeper. It keeps veggies fresh and their odors at bay. And it’s cute astronaut design means you can’t miss it. So veggies get used before they have a chance to go bad.

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