Vespa Office Chair

red vespa chair

We never understood Vespa fanaticism until we rode one ourselves. Feeling the wind in your hair while darting in and out of traffic can be intoxicating.  When your riding a Vespa, you can feel like a rebel without all the biker hang ups. They either provide: a death defying ride or a sober adventure, it’s your choice. There is no bad ass bravado surrounding the experience, its all about what you make it.

vespa chair lady

Now that we have drunk the “Kool Aid’ we can fully appreciate the truly unique office chair by Bel & Bel. The leather chairs are handmade using the front shield and spare parts of old Vespas. A wonderful way to immortalize the Vespa while keeping scrap metal out of the junk heaps.

grey vespa chair

OK you can’t cruise it down the block…or wait maybe you can! Imagine racing Vespa chair around the office. We’re pretty sure you’d be the only one sportin’ this ride! And as far as we are concerned, that deserves a first place prize just for effort.

vespa model

Use everything! That’s the Bel & Bel motto. An old handlebar becomes an intriguing art piece. Freaky? Yes! And that’s why we want it.

Via Inhabitat

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4 thoughts on “Vespa Office Chair

  1. That’s definitely one of the coolest office chairs I’ve seen in some time. It never hurts that you’re recycling as well.

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