Vine Like Wine

Whether or not decanters can improve the taste of wine is controversial amongst wine experts however none can debate the aesthetic value of presenting wine in an elegantly designed vessel. Most carafes have a bulbous bottom and a slender top but French artist Etienne Menueau’s Strange Decanters challenge that notion taking inspiration from the roots of the grape vine. Some of the decanters look as if they just sprouted legs and are about to run away, while other’s resemble a model of the circulatory system.

Interesting, since wine is often allegorically associated with blood.

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17 thoughts on “Vine Like Wine

  1. dan at -

    a sculpture like this would compel me decant every bottle i uncork. in fact, i’d decant my OJ and gatorade.

  2. WineGirl at -

    I would love this on my table!

  3. d3sign3rchick at -

    AWESOME? Where can I buy this????

  4. trace13 at - Author

    I agree! It’s a really unique way to serve wine. You can find out more info at Etienne’s website. Click on “Strange Decanters” in the post above. Thanks for all teh comments readers!

  5. Mikkel at -

    wow, it looks cool, but I would struggle to find room for it in my kitchen cabinets

  6. Johnny five at -

    This wouldn’t oxygenate the wine at all. It’s really pretty, but useless as a decanter.

  7. thanks for your comments !
    feel free to ask me all details you need…

  8. laus69 at -

    cool but useless as a decanter …

  9. KathK at -

    Very cool, but my cats would knock is over and break it the first chance they got!

  10. bib al at -

    pretty useless hard to dust.

  11. angelicanachronism at -

    The design is nice, fairly elegant and pretty, I could act high brow and say that it would simply be a worthless decanter, but the author has acknowledged that fact… The design is very unique although I would be leery about breaking it day in and day out just because it looks so bloody delicate

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