What’s New at 100% Design London 2010

Surprisingly comfortable, the Concrete Chesterfield Sofa by Gray Concrete is cast in glass textile reinforced concrete.

Designer Fukutoshi Ueno wanted to bring nature indoors with the Bambi Frame.Use it as a backdrop in your living space or drape clothes over it for a more utilitarian purpose.

When off the the Wall Hanging Mirror/Lamp by Chai Young Lee is a reflective surface, but turn the lights out and it’s a ghostly, glowing chandelier/lamp.

The Mambo Cocktail Table by Coconut Lounge

Instead of numbers the Daily Life Clock features figures of a grandmother, grandchild and dog represent hours, minutes and seconds.

Compact Sofa perfect for a small studio from James UK.

No kryptonite cocktail, Dry is actually an LED lamp. to turn it off simply turn it upside down. -from Lighthouse Design

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  1. John at -

    Great blog! Very good outputs. I love the cocktail table more. And plus the LED lamp fooled me.. I recommend this blog

    Editorial Coordinator

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