Wooden Cinder Blocks

Before Ikea became mainstream if you wanted to build your own cheap DIY furniture you had to look no further than your nearest construction site. Back in the day a few sturdy cinder blocks, a plank of wood and a little ingenuity produced many a bookshelf. Not exactly elegant we agree but certainly functional for loads of young people just starting out. If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic for your own salad days or are in the flat-out in the midst of them, Sergio Silva’s modern approach to the drab block will help inspire your inner DIY. The Walnut Block adds a touch of class it’s concrete cousin is sorely lacking.  The Block is also available in an elegant but more delicate Ceramic.  Either is sure to produce a dignified piece of furniture you will be proud to display, no trip to Ikea needed.

The ceramic version is the same weight and size as an original cinder block however much more delicate.

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7 thoughts on “Wooden Cinder Blocks

  1. It is worth noting that these wooden blocks can also be substituted for Milk Crates.

  2. this post dates me – i remember those cinder blocks and wooden crates well. love this ultra mod take on them!
    btw great blog, i will be back

  3. trace13 at - Author

    I think we all have made our own furniture at one time or another. Thanks for comments, folks!

  4. karla at -

    a want a wooden cinder block frame but different dimensions as I’m setting them a sofa legs almost like beams under the sofa

  5. Tchumley at -

    How do I go about purchasing these walnut cinder blocks?
    I have seen them everywhere on the internet with the desgner name of Sergio Silva and yet when you visit the website it is not “up” yet. I would LOVE to own these but I can not find them anywhere other than sites like this.

  6. trace13 at - Author

    Hi Taylor- I’m afraid I don’t know where they are being sold. You could contact the designer Silvio Silva directly and ask him. His email address is info@sergiosilva.us . Hope that helps and thanks for stopping by!

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