X-Rated Park Planters


At first glance these planters resemble a simple and serene park scene but if you look a little closer there’s more going on here than meets the eye. Designer Tristan Zimmermann was inspired by the art of bonsai when he created his Park Planters but it seems as if the park he modeled his works on may have been a bit more precocious than most of the parks I frequent! Look for them on online store Generate.


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4 thoughts on “X-Rated Park Planters

  1. Colin at -

    these seem out of order… you could actually make a nice visual love story by putting them in this order: lost salesman, mugger, flasher, gay couple.

  2. Melissa at -

    These are hilarious. I think it would be fun to stick one in one of your mom or grandma or friend’s plants – just to see if they’d notice. . .ha, ha!

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